Bellingham Scottish Country Dancers

News for Members

Hello there Bellingham Scottish Country Dancers!

 Since our club can no longer afford to host a big wonderful fancy ball (many thanks to those who have helped with it in the past!), we are considering some changes to keep things fun.  We want to hear from you and find out what you are enjoying – what changes we may need to make and what we should keep the same.

For those of you who are newer to our club, we used to have an annual Ball (including a silent auction fundraiser) in October and a workshop that went along with it.  A workshop is a daytime event with special instructors, where students are usually divided into experience levels and get to work on specific dances or techniques, depending on the focus of the instructor.  These types of events can still be attended if you are interested.

 Please go to this link (you can copy and paste it into your internet browser) and take our survey:

Thank you!

–          Tess Bowers

Vice President, Bellingham Scottish Country Dancers